“The Tuft & Needle of home office chairs.” It was 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, when my good friend, Sean, stumbled across a problem—buying a well-designed office chair for his home office felt almost impossible. It reminded us of the mattress industry we helped reshape and disrupt as early employees and leaders of Tuft & Needle—a space that was notorious for product gimmicks, deceptive marketing and ridiculous price markups. Between confusing buzzwords, misleading features, and overly “corporate” chair designs that felt out of place in a residential setting, we knew there was an opportunity to significantly improve the product and approach—and sell a beautifully designed, well-constructed home office chair at an honest and affordable price. Since then, we’ve spent the last 7 months developing different designs, sourcing the highest-quality materials we could find, and consistently refining the functionality of the chair to get it where it is today. After 300 hours and countless iterations (and hundreds of cups of coffee), we’re excited to bring you the chair everyone is raving about. It’s a new day—it’s Midnight. -Sean and Tim Co-Founders

The Midnight Chair

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