The ”Office“ Chair Designed for Your Home
The Beautiful Desk Chair Designed for Today's Office

Meticulously designed and

amazingly comfortable — and only $299.

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Say goodbye to gimmicky and overpriced office chairs.
Say hello to Midnight.

Warm, Stylish Design

The Midnight Chair is just the right blend of modern and stylish, while being a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in a home office setting.

The Midnight Chair is just the right blend of stylish yet neutral, while being a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into all office settings.

Uncompromised Comfort

Our shell and foam core structure provides you with proper lumbar support and just the right amount of "sink" - it's perfectly comfortable.

Effortless Tilt & Reclining

The optimal reclining tilt and tension balances proper ergonomics and the comfort you want—without all the bulky knobs and levers.

Commercial-Grade Materials

With our solid steel frame, EternityLift™ gas piston and industrial-grade foam, the Midnight chair is built for…forever.

Breathable, Durable Foam

We took our knowledge of foam creating the #1-rated Mattress and formulated ours for maximum breathability and durability.

Removable Rolling Casters

The Midnight Chair comes with removable 360° swivel casters for use across all flooring surfaces—from carpet to hardwood.

The Design Process

The Beginning

It all started spending countless hours researching every type of office chair and ideating to figure out what works, what doesn’t, what’s needed and what’s not. From there, we used all this data to concept over 25 different chair directions.

The Initial Designs

Every aspect of the chair was analyzed from all angles, to focus on creating a beautifully designed chair that’s incredibly comfortable, optimizing for the right blend of functionality, style and price. After hundreds of design iterations, the Midnight Chair was born.

The First 3D Build

From those design models, we 3D printed each component of the chair, down to the very last details to help us test the “fit” and helped us refine the scale and proportions. After dozens of prints and fit-tests (and countless changes), the chair began to come to life.

The Final Product

In the beginning, we set out to create a chair that would set a new standard for home office furniture, and we hope we did just that. The final product is a chair that we believe is just the right balance of stylish and subtle with comfort perfect for at-home work days, all while being built-to-last and sold at an affordable, and honest price.

Our Story: From Tuft & Needle to Midnight

It was 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, when one of our good friends stumbled across a problem—finding a well-designed office chair at an affordable price-point for his home office felt almost impossible.

It reminded us of the mattress industry we helped to reshape and disrupt as early employees and leaders of Tuft & Needle®. After just a few years, T&N not only became known for creating the #1-rated mattress online, but most importantly, for setting a new bar for customer experience, eliminating the ridiculous price markups, marketing gimmicks and unfair return policies notorious in the space.

Between confusing buzzwords, misleading features, and overly “corporate” chair designs that felt out of place in a residential setting, we knew there was an opportunity to significantly improve the product and approach—and sell a beautifully designed, well-constructed home office chair at an honest and affordable price.

Since then, we’ve spent the last 7 months developing different designs, sourcing the highest-quality materials we could find, and consistently refining the functionality of the chair to get it where it is today.  After 300 hours and countless iterations (and hundreds of cups of coffee), we’re excited to bring you the chair everyone is raving about.

It’s a new day—it’s Midnight.

—Sean and Tim

It's a New Day.
Midnight is Here.